Your Shopify store getting high traffic but no sales? 3 Strategies to Increase Conversions
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Your Shopify store getting high traffic but no sales? 3 Strategies to Increase Conversions

Your Shopify store getting high traffic but no sales? 3 Strategies to Increase Conversions

You have put lots of hard work into getting your online store up and running. Your shop is getting high traffic but no sales? This would be especially hurting if you are paying for ads to get this traffic. This is a very common problem - stores who have overcome this problem have converted their store into successful business.

Are you ready for converting your online shop in to ultimate sales machine?

There are a number of factors involved in customer’s buying decision. Trying to fix each and every potential factor can cost lots of time and money - but more importantly may not yield the desired results. Based on our experience, we distilled it to 3 issues that were commonly found even in most advanced shops.

For each issue, we present an usability challenge for your shop. If your shop doesn't pass the challenge then consider investing in fix for the issue.

Issue 1 - Optimize for mobile beyond responsiveness

Most of the times, your visitors will be using mobile device for shopping. Smart Insights (An industry leader) have identified below 2 reasons contribute towards 40% of sales drop -

(1) Difficulty to compare products on mobile device

(2) Difficulty to navigate across tabs/screen on mobile.

Usability challenge 1: Load your shop on mobile and check if it's possible to compare products without need for opening multiple tabs or screens. On desktop it's very common to open multiple tabs for product comaprison - but on mobile it's extremely difficult and frustrating.

Fix: Use an app like Upvert, that allows customers to shortlist a set of products and load them on single page for comparison without need for opening multiple tabs/screens.  

Taking a shop designed on desktop and ensuring it's displayed properly on mobile is not sufficient to drive sales. Mobile presents different usability challenges. Ensure your customers can select, compare or navigate easily on mobile.

Issue 2 - Handling cross device shopping requirement

On mobile, interruptions are very common. Customers can drop if they need to start the searching/filtering products from scratch when they get to new device.

Usability challenge 2: Can your users pause and resume shopping across devices? For ex., most of your customers use mobile app and are logged in while shopping then you can skip investing in fix.

Fix: With Upvert app, you can add "Trial Rooms" to your store. Trial rooms can be shared across devices without need for creating customer login account.

Ability to pause and resume shopping across devices without need for installing app is critical to drive sales. Upvert's Trial Room can add such capability to your store - See it in action here.

Issue 3 - Email Capture for Subscriptions

It’s important to keep in mind, that not all visitors are ready to make a purchase on their first visit your shop. But if you convert the visitor into subscriber, then you can reach to them with targeted email marketing. But one of the most difficult part in email marketing is building email list.

Usability challenge 3: Are you already showing email capture popups but not getting subscriptions? Are you offering information or functionality that customers find it useful in exchange for giving their email ids? Otherwise, you might be just annoying them.

Fix: Make email capture as part of natural shopping experience. Examples are - when a product is out of stock, ask them to get their email for notifying back in stock products.  

Don't annoy your customers with discount popups - capture emails by providing information they are looking with notifications.


Increasing conversions for Shopify store can seem daunting task with so many potential reasons. When customer is on your shop, there are two questions in their mind - (1) What is the right product to buy? (2) Can I trust  this shop deliver on its promise? Upvert can help you win this battle with (1) in customer's mind.

With Upvert's "Trial Room", your customers get a private personalized space to keep their selections, compare and access them from any device they own.
With such capabilities added to your store, you will provide unique shopping experience making you stand out from competition.

Also, we offer free service to improve conversions for fashion based Shopify shops. Please reach out to us