Recipe8 - Surveys and craft post survey experience
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Recipe8 - Surveys and craft post survey experience

Recipe8 - Surveys and craft post survey experience

Nothing replaces a well crafted Survey when it comes to customer research. In this post, we will provide step by step guide to implement a quick survey and provide them unique post survey experience and get them signed up for your email list. Customers will also get a discount code for participating in the survey. This post assumes that you have already installed "Upvert app" on your shopify shop.


Ensure you have created a deal or deal is present on your shop that want offer to customer in response to participating the survey.

Campaign Creation Steps

  1. Login to app from your shopify admin console. Go to https://youshop/admin/apps and click on Upvert app.
  2. On the campaigns page, create new campaign. Add name something like - "Recipe 8 - Survey Campaign" and objective as - "Building Email List".
  3. From the campaign page,  click on "Edit" button next to Display Triggers.
  4. Here you can set when to show this campaign. Click on "Add trigger" and choose "Exit Intent" option. You can also set whether to show this campaign when customer is on specific product/collection page. We will not add it as of now, then this campaign will show on every page when customer is trying to exit. Save the setting and click on "Campaign" link to go back to general configuration.
  5. Click on "Popup Design". In the "Survey Templates" section look for template with tag as - "recipe7". You can change look and feel of the popup later. Select that template and click button "Go".
  6. Select the deal from the combo options that you want to offer to customer for participating in the survey.
  7. You can select the elements on popup and change as required. Change the survey question to meet your shop needs. Click on "Option 1, Option 2" and on right hand side you will see Survey Options. Add survey options one per line. Change % discount code as per your offer. Save the template and go back to campaign.
  8. Click on "Edit" button for "After Signup Design". Discount code for the selected deal will be automatically populated here. Now you can see the survey results on the reports for the campaign. Let's say majority of customers were selecting "Option 1". Then you could add this information in the response like - "80% of customers have opted in as Option1". Save template and go back to campaign.
  9. Optionally you can configure to sync up signed up customer email ids to "Klavyio" or "Mailchimp" audience list.
  10. Activate campaign and see it in running on your shop.

Survey Results

As customers participate in survey results are updated in real time. You can see them by going campaign reports link. If campaign has survey then you will see "Survey Report" link below. Click on survey report and you will see -

  1. Percentage breakdown for different options in the survey. For ex., Option1 has 60%, Option2 has 30% etc.,
  2. You will also see the actual customer email ids and their responses in the table below, which can be used to tailor experience for them.