Recipe4: Guiding customers with product recommendations - Price range options
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Recipe4: Guiding customers with product recommendations - Price range options

Recipe4: Guiding customers with product recommendations - Price   range options

In this post, we will provide step by step guide to implement a product recommendation strategy to guide your customers through their shopping experience. This post assumes that you have already installed "Upvert app" on your shopify shop.


Ensure you have created a deal or deal is present on your shop that want offer to customer in response to signup.

Tips for successful campaign

Product recommendations done right can have significant impact on overall conversion rate for your shop. Following are some tips for how to create an effective product recommendation campaign using Upvert App -

  1. Targeted Campaign: Recommend products that customers find relevant based on their current shopping context. Let's say you are selling iPad Accessories and Smart Watches. Target smart watch like "Hybrid Watch" to customer when they are browsing products from Smart Watch collection. If loosely target to Smart Watch to customers when they are on any page, you would be loosing a conversion opportunity as well as annoying customers.
  2. Bridge The Experience: Let's say you want to recommend "Fossil Hybrid Watch" when customer is browsing "Apple Watch". Start the conversation with leading question like - "Looking for something less expensive?". Think about potential reasons why would a customer consider alternate product like hybrid watch instead of the current product (apple watch).
  3. Highlight the key difference: Product recommendations should help customers to make a buying a decision. Highlight the key difference between alternate product (hybrid watch) vs. apple watch to help them make a decision. In this case, hybrid watch still have a the appearance of regular watch while availing benefit of smart watch or have a longer battery life.

To explain the campaign setup, we will use an example shop that is selling smart watches which has two products - Apple Watch and Fossil Hybrid Watch. Both of these products are part of "Smart Watch" collection. We will show how you can set up a single campaign to show Apple Watch when customer is browsing Fossil watch and vice versa - with hyper targeted content to increase your conversion.

Campaign Creation Steps

  1. Login to app from your shopify admin console. Go to https://youshop/admin/apps and click on Upvert app.
  2. On the campaigns page, create new campaign. Add name something like - "Recipe 4 - Product Recommendations" and objective as - "Building Email List".
  3. From the campaign page,  click on "Edit" button next to Display Triggers.
  4. Here you can set when to show this campaign. Click on "Add trigger" and choose "Exit Intent" option. You can also set whether to show this campaign when customer is on specific product/collection page. In the shopping context section, click on "Add Condition". Choose condition as - when customer's current page is a product detail page and product belonging to Smart Watch collection, trigger this campaign. Save the setting and click on "Campaign" link to go back to general configuration.
  5. Click on "Popup Design". In the "Product Recommendation Templates" section look for template with tag as - "recipe4". You can change look and feel of the popup later. Select that template and click button "Go".
  6. Select the deal from the options that you want to show to customer in response to answering this question. It will automatically populate the deals from your shop.
  7. Now select the product(s) you want to recommend when customer is on product detail page. Either you can choose a collection or single product. For this example, we will choose product collection. Choose "Smart Watches" product collection.
  8. You can build the popup visually by clicking on elements and changing them as required. The product image on the left side, is a place holder. When you are recommending the "Hybrid Watch" this image will automatically replaced with that product's image. The next text is product title, which again replaced the recommended product's title. The text below is smart copy is which will be replaced with optimal copy. We will show how to change this for specific product in the next step. You can change the background, font size, color etc.,
  9. Save the template and go back to campaign. Now click on "Preview Campaign" in the popup design section.
  10. You will see a list of boxes - one per product from your selected collection. Each product has a list of auto generated smart copies.
  11. You can override the default copy by clicking on - "override" checkbox. In the text box below add the custom copy that is suitable for this campaign. For ex., for Fossil smart watch, add copy like - "Retain the look of classical watch while having benefits of smart watch". For Apple watch, change the copy like - "Brag about your workout with single tap screen shot." Click on "Photo" icon next to it to see the preview. It shows how the popup looks when that specific product and copy is selected for the popup.
  12. You also have the option of removing certain products from collection for the campaign. Save the settings and return to Campaign.
  13. Click on "Edit" button for "After Signup Design". Discount code for the selected deal will be automatically populated here. Save template and go back to campaign.
  14. Optionally you can configure to sync up signed up customer email ids to "Klavyio" or "Mailchimp" audience list.
  15. Activate campaign and see it in running on your shop.