Recipe 15 - Interactive Shopping Guide
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Recipe 15 - Interactive Shopping Guide

Recipe 15 - Interactive Shopping Guide

In this post, we will provide step by step guide to implement a strategy guide your customers interactively through their shopping experience. This post assumes that you have already installed "Upvert app" on your shopify shop.

Tips for successful campaign

We often think that we already know what customers want. But it might be tricky craft right experience on home page or collection page where different customers might be looking for different things. In such cases, asking explicitly what customers are looking for and directing them to right sections of your shop might be good experience. This will avoid customers getting lost and leaving your site. This will significantly reduce bounce rate on these pages keeping customers on the shop increasing overall conversion rate.

  1. Craft right questions: Craft targeted questions/options based on their current shopping context. For ex., when customers are "Smart Watch Collection" you can ask questions like what are the things they look for ideal smart watch and recommend right products accordingly.
  2. Use combination of collections/products: Feel free to mix products/collections to deliver the right experience according to context. For ex., for one option you can direct them to collections where as for other one direct them to specific product.

To explain the campaign setup, we will use an example shop that is selling smart watches(which has two products - Apple Watch and Fossil Hybrid Watch) and Smart TV Keyboard. We will show how you can set up a campaign to guide customer right product/collection based on what customer is looking for.

Campaign Creation Steps

  1. Login to app from your shopify admin console. Go to https://youshop/admin/apps and click on Upvert app.
  2. On the campaigns page, create new campaign. Add name something like - "Recipe 15 - Interactive Shopping Guide" and objective as - "Growing Sales".
  3. From the campaign page,  click on "Edit" button next to Display Triggers.
  4. Here you can set when to show this campaign. Click on "Add trigger" and choose "Exit Intent" option. You can also set whether to show this campaign when customer is on specific product/collection page. In the shopping context section, click on "Add Condition". Choose condition as - when customer's current page is a Home Page. Save the setting and click on "Campaign" link to go back to general configuration.
  5. Click on "Popup Design". In the "Interactive Guide Templates" section look for template with tag as - "recipe15". You can change look and feel of the popup later. Select that template and click button "Go".
  6. You can build the popup visually by clicking on elements and changing them as required. Click on the "Add Option" rectangle - its interactive guide element. You will see "Add Option" button in the right side. Click on it and you will see a popup. Add the question option and attach it to a product/collection that should be shown customer selects this option. You can add multiple such options.
  7. Save the template and click on "Preview Campaign" in the top menu selecting mobile/desktop. A new tab opens and with popup preview. Select one of the option and you will see the corresponding product/collection. Use back link for going back to options screen. Change the font size, color, height/width of the element as required depending upon preview.
  8. Activate campaign and see it in running on your shop.
  9. Visit your home page and try to exit from the page. You will see the popup with options configured. Selecting an option activates corresponding product/collection. Just click on the image/title link for navigating to corresponding part of the site.