Think about the online store experience for your typical customer. They might click on an ad on Facebook, or Google coming to your online shop. Then they browse around for some time and most likely they will leave without any purchasing. At that point, you have paid for the ad to get a visitor on your shop but you have no way to contacting them again.

On the contrary, if you can show right offer to right customer in the right context, it can significantly increase chances for conversion for that customer. In this post, we will share 5 effective strategies to start growing your sales by showing right product to right customer in the right context.


Popups can be very effective to recover otherwise a lost sale opportunity. You can configure to show a popup when customer is just about to leave your shop(exit intent) or based on certain time. Test after test has shown that, with the right offer made to the right audience, pop-ups can dramatically increase your sales.

But unfortunately, most ecommerce companies use popups shove an untargeted run of the mill deal to customers. Apart from them having very slime chance of any success, they also annoy customers.

In this post, we will introduce 5 high performance strategies around how to use popups effectively to convert your visitors to customers, growing your sales.

These are not just high level descriptions - each of these strategy will have step by step guide around how to implement and run this on your shop in no time using our app - Upvert. Upvert is a Shopify app that comes with a forever free plan, so you don't need to spend anything to get these strategies running for your shop and reap benefits.

We will start with a use case for easy explanation of these strategies. Let's say you have an online shop that sells "iPhone Accessories and Smart Watches". You are running Google ad for the keyword - "Smart Watches" and your landing page is a product detail page for - "Apple Smart Watch" with price tag of $350. Your ad is getting good traction, customers are clicking on your ad and landing on this product page, but not converting or signing up. We will show how to implement each of these strategies that can help you with improving signup rate for your shop.

Guide customers through shopping experience: Offer product recommendations

There could be multiple reasons why customers are not engaging with your apple watch product - (1) The price of $350 for a watch could be perceived as higher (2) Customers might be looking for a product that looks like regular watch(hybrid watch) (3) Or no idea.

Following recipes can help you to find the reason as well as get subscriptions.

1. Recipe11: From the same product collection, find products cheaper than apple watch and add it to popup, with caption "Looking for something less expensive?". Find instructions on running this recipe here.  

2. Recipe12:  Find a product that looks like regular watch and add it to your popup, with caption - "Looking for different model?". Find instructions on running this recipe here.  

3. Recipe13: Create a collection of product that you think customer might be interested and give it to Upvert. Upvert will automatically add one product at a time for a popup display. Also you can see stats about best performing products on Upvert reporting page. Find instructions on running this recipe here.  

Interactive Shopping Experience Guide: Guide as per customer's response to tailored options

We often assume that we know what customer's want. Instead, simplest thing could be asking customers what they are looking for and guide them to section of your shop where they can find optimal products/collections. This interactive shopping experience can be very effective on home pages or collection pages, where there is need for guidance in the risk of customers getting lost and leaving your site.

Following recipe can help you to running such a campaign.

4. Recipe15: Create a campaign to display on home page asking customers what they are looking for - presenting a list of options. Depending option choosen direct them to appropriate product/collection. Find instructions on running this recipe here.  

Abandon Cart Recovery: Persuade cstomers to complete purchase

You would trigger these campaigns when customer added some product(s) to cart and looking to exit shop without completing purchase. There are many solutions to recover cart by sending mail to customers. However, biggest problem is often customers haven't reached the checkout page where you have access to their email ids. There is a significant drop in funnel happens from cart to checkout page.

The "Upvert Cart Recovery" campaigns can help in such scenarios - where you can target and persuade customers with onsite messaging popups without requiring their email id.

Following recipe can help with you nudge customers complete their purchase growing your sales.

5. Recipe14: You can create a campaign with objective of "Abandon Cart Recovery" and choose a template. Upvert automatically replaces the product image, title, copies, deal offer messaging to show the enticing message for customers at the right context. Find instructions on running this recipe here.  

Why is this better?

Above category of popups has following advantages -

  1. They show that you understand customer's shopping context and trying to provide better experience for them. These help you gain customer trust and potential sales.
  2. By popping these recommendations and looking at customer's reaction, you get implicit signals around what customers are actually looking for.

Also, its not necessary to run one recipe at a time if your shop is getting enough traffic on this product detail page. You could run above three campaigns at the same time. Upvert will automatically optimize the popup impressions based on campaign performance.


Popups are very powerful because they come as in your face for customers and they cannot ignore them. Above strategies show how to harness their power to provide better shopping experience for your customers and get better understanding about your customers. If you have a Shopify shop, you can get started with them today in less than 5 minutes without any cost. So what are you waiting for?

Stop creating annoying popups. Start building smart conversion strategies.